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I often wonder why there are more basic level english tips rather than advanced level tips! Improving your English at advanced level is almost as hard as when you start studying in English for the first time. That’s because our brains tend to get lazy after we reach intermediate level. Since we already have enough words to express most of our ideas, the brain may see the learning of new words as a waste of “thinking energy”.

So, what is the best way to expand your vocabulary? PRACTICE! I am not sure whether practice makes perfect, but it sure does make it better! So, practice your English any time you can! As your range of vocabulary increases you will manage to create more complex sentences.

I learned English at an English school and later I improved my skills when I moved to Hong Kong. The fact that I was constantly exposed to a great number of new words and synonyms helped me replace basic expressions for more sophisticated ones.

However, you do not need to live abroad to have a very similar effect! These are a few secret weapons!

  • Use the new vocabulary and structure as often as you can, until it becomes natural to you!
  • Be curious.
  • Write! The practice of writing brings enormous benefits to your language development.
  • Watch movies, but don’t watch movies to study! Watch movies that interest you and that turn your curiosity mode on! It will be easier remember new words that are meaningful to you, that speak to your heart!
  • Practice your grammar. And why not do it while you are preparing for a proficiency exam? You can “kill two birds with one stone”!
  • Start singing … now! Music speaks directly to the heart and makes the synapses in the brain really active! So, when you listen and understand a piece of music you have higher chances of catching its meaning and learning. Now, if you sing, you will also be benefiting your speaking. Singing improves your pronunciation, helps you identify the linking sounds and it does all of this naturally!
  • Find a friend to chat! There are thousands of channels on the internet that can help you connect with native speakers. Use them!

Bellow you will find curiosities and tips on grammar, verbs, vocabulary and other treats of the English language! I hope you connect with them and that they help you improve your English!

Enjoy the ride!


Teacher Thais



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