Teste seu nível de inglês

Este teste tem duas etapas. Na primeira você vai testar os seus conhecimentos de gramática em inglês em apenas 16 perguntas! Na segunda parte você tem a opção de agendar uma avaliação oral com um de nossos professores.

Teste de nível de inglês

Hello, how are you?
Where are you from?
How does he go to the movies?
What do you buy at the bookshop?
Where was your father born?
Did Charles do his homework yesterday?
Alex always makes a cake on ______________,
What were you doing when your friend called you?
This actress _______________ on TV all around the world recently. I think it´s because of the movie she _____________ last year.
The Nile is the _____________ river in the world. It is much ____________ than the Amazon, although the Amazon has a ___________ volume of water than the Nile.
She would like to travel abroad next year.
A: How ___________ money do you have with you? / B: I don´t have ____________ money!
If she ______ taken her exams more seriously she _________ have studied more and _________ have entered the best universities in the country.
I am having dinner with a few friends on Saturday!
Why aren´t the students interested in the class?
Please, don´t give this number to anyone, unless …
Teste de nível de inglês
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